Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gathering Materials

To start building your very own Jawa, First purchase your Fabric, Dye,Noodle for arm bulk, and Pillow for the body, You may need to take some stuffing out, Not sure yet till I go to put the pillow on the frames tomorrow. I bought 6 yards of fabric so I have enough to build several Jawas. More to come.

Building your own jawa the easy way

I hope you enjoy our blog on learning how easy and cheap it is to build your very own life size jawa. Each post will take you through the steps and where to obtain each material you will need. Jawas have been thought of as a expensive prop to build, When actually they can be built with very little money. Jawa accessories can be built or accessories can be purchased on Ebay. Stay tuned for the next post.